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Looking for a DJ / Sound in Swellendam or surrounding areas?

We have the right solution for your event big or small. With more than 10 years professional experience, working alongside some of South Africa’s top artists’, we can guarantee excellent sound every time.

For Rates – Please contact us so that we can work out the perfect solution for your event

Our Equipment

Sound Equipment
  • Small format Digital Mixer
  • Midas M32R Live console
  • AKG microphones
  • Blue microphone
  • RCF 15 inch tops
  • RCF 12 inch tops
  • Turbo Sound Subwoofers
Light Equipment
  • Avolites Titan one PC control
  • Wireless dmx
  • Beamz LED Parcans
  • Beamz Moving heads
  • American DJ Starburst
  • Smoke / Bubble machine
  • Valient Swart
  • Gian Groen Sound
  • Rocco de Villiers
  • Jan Blohm
  • Sound Swellendam
  • Twee
  • Arno Live music

Questions to ask a DJ before booking

This is a few questions we feel is of atmost importance when you book a DJ or Sound in Swellendam or wherever you are.

1. Is this your Full time business or is it a hobby?

The saying, you get what you pay for comes to mind. We have been in the industry for ten years. When it comes down to technical points like are they following basic health and safety rules when running cables over the floor, or what happens if the microphone suddenly causes feedback. Is the sound system tuned to the venue’s acoustics. Just to name a few.

2. Do you take song requests? How large is your available selection of music?

Some DJ’s don’t have a lot of music to choose from, some get stressed out when a request is made, some even require the couple to bring all their own music.

3. What equipment do you have?

You get what you pay for… Yet again… Like cars… You can drive with a 1990 Uno and get to your destination, or you can drive in a brand new Mercedes and enjoy the comfort. If you are happy with driving the Uno, then this is not for you, but when you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, then note the following brands you should avoid. Hybrid, Wharfedale, Berhinger (*except their new Digital mixers), JTS, Phonic to name a few. If you are uncertain, feel free to drop us a message and we would gladly provide you with a professional opinion.

4. Until what time do you play music?

Most DJ’s stop at 00:00 and then charge a hefty overtime fee.

5. Can you mix live music?

If you are not looking for a DJ, but for Sound in Swellendam or surroundings, you must note that the average dj doesn’t know how to mix live music, it is a science and an art. I have been doing live music for some of South Africa’s best artists with great results and happy artists.

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