Is Social Media Marketing still relevant or worth it in 2022?

In short. Yes… But, and this is quite a big but, Social media Marketing should not be done like old traditional marketing. People do not like it when you interrupt their free time scrolling through their social media accounts to be told what they need, they want to decide what they need. This is so important to keep in mind. Companies should not irritate or frustrate their clients or perspective clients by dumping their products in their faces.

Traditional Marketing is dead, companies no longer tell clients what they need, clients decide what they want to see, hear and most definitely where they spend their money.

Social Media is still the best way to get in front of millions of people, but more important to get in front of your chosen audience. Your business doesn’t fit everyone’s style, need or personality. With great possible reach, comes great responsibility, yes like the Spider-man quote. Do not waste your money on people that is not likely to engage with your content.

Take time to find your audience, get to know them, built a community and serve them as best possible.