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What is a Creative Professional? “A creative professional who is also known as a creative specialist is a person who is employed for the extraction of skills in creative endeavors.” – Wikipedia

We use our skills in technology to create creative solutions for both private and corporate use.

Why is Creativity important to my business?

We live in a world where there is a overflow of information, where having just a logo is just not good enough, where marketing has changed completely. You cannot just buy an advert in a local newspaper or radio station and think you will make money. People dislike interruptive marketing. You need a new approach, yes smart design can and will speak to your target market, buy you really need a holistic approach. You need to tell your story, as more and more people engage with authentic brands instead of mass “cold” brands.


DJ / Sound & Lighting / AV

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Move to the rhythm

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Graphic Design

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From full brand Identities to Social media content

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Virtual Tours

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Turning Reality into Virtual Reality

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“Dis lekker om by ‘n venue in te stap en die klank is net reg”  by Teatro at 10 on Main Swellendam

Jan Blohm

“Jy ken ons nie eers nie en binne ‘n oomblik is die klank reg. Wil jy nie maar saam met ons kom toer nie”

Herman Kleynhans - TWEE

“Dit is lekker hoe jy luister na wat gebeur en dan die klank mix volgens dit, dit klink soos ‘n CD hier op die verhoog”

Valiant Swart,

“Die klank was baie lekker!”

Gian Groen

“Jissie dis nice pics!!! Baie dankie”

Andrè Schwartz

“Arno dankie vir daai mooi fotos van die show”

Jacques de Villiers - Joshua na die Reën



Virtual Reality tours

Imagine your clients being able to walk through your venue from anywhere in the world… This is reality… Virtual Reality… Be the front runner in your industry. Whether it

About Me

Creative Professional

For as long as I can remember I dreamt in melodies. The pursuit of my dream is a journey of discovery that took me to places like the Academy of Sound Engineering (ASE), the SABC, ATKV Tienertoneel, CAP, Old Gaol Restaurant and Chas Everitt Southern Cape where I gained valuable experience in the technical and creative aspects of sound engineering, lighting, videography, photography, graphic design and marketing.

I am fortunate to offer my services for shows featuring some of South Africa’s greatest performers including:

My biggest joy consists of being able to dream with my clients and not just dream, but making their dreams reality. Nothing brings me more joy. I am passion driven. I dream with you whether it is a wedding or function or a marketing strategy or a new business venture.

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Get the right creative services for your event, function, project or business.

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